Itinerant xylotheque

When I was six years old I picked up my first piece of wood and haven’t stopped since.

We can say that everything begins as a child’s game, but I already intuited how the “wood waste” I found was actually really precious.
This is how a passion became my profession.
The forest gives us woods of every color, shape and beauty: the aim of the xyloteque is to spread and enhance the infinite world of wood species.
It is not just a place of contemplation but an opportunity to appropriate these woods and imagine them in your own work, home or, leisure environment. It is my contribution to knowledge, experience and uniqueness in the development of the furnishing designs.

It is a path of 500 years of history
The xyloteque only holds a small portion of the species that can be found around the World (more than 35000 wood species) and that offer us beautiful woods in terms of shape, patterns and characteristics. These wood species (presented in the form of logs section, bark sections, boards, semi- finished items and, precious crafts) have written the history of wood furniture-making. The desire to know these woods has prompted me to create the xyloteque, a place to display and narrate stories and curious anecdotes about these wonderful wood species. The woods in it have been harvested from trees cut over 50 years ago, from places where they abounded at that time. Today, fortunately, the abuse of these precious woods has been curbed and, thanks to the World’s forests protection and certification bodies, it is possible to access many unique woods in total respect for the environment.

Gianni Cantarutti

100 italian woods from Trees&shrubs poster

With my great pleasure, we want to make you a small gift… with a single click, you can have our poster that includes 100 woods from Trees&shrubs from our wonderful Italy.

For each wood, you will find its botanical name.

By clicking on the link below, you can download our poster in pdf format.


Gianni Cantarutti - Poster 100 Legni Alberi e Arbusti d'Italia

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World of Wood

World of Wood article about our Xyloteca

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Lignamundi - Xyloteca - World of Wood

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